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  1. Mata Hari: exotic dancer, femme fatale, traitor and spy
  2. Mata Hari: the spy who wasn't really a spy
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According to one account, in the spring of , while she was living in The Hague, a German consul is said to have offered to pay her for whatever information she could obtain on her next trip to France. After her arrest by the French, she acknowledged only that she had given some outdated information to a German intelligence officer.

According to statements that Mata Hari supposedly made, she had agreed to act as a French spy in German-occupied Belgium and did not bother to tell French intelligence of her prior arrangement with the Germans.

The French began to suspect her of duplicity , and on Feb. She was imprisoned, tried by a military court on July 24—25, , sentenced to death, and shot by a firing squad. The German government publicly exculpated her in , and the French dossier documenting her activities reportedly indicated her innocence. Viewed by only a few people, the dossier was scheduled for public release in You are using an outdated browser.

Mata Hari: exotic dancer, femme fatale, traitor and spy

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Mata Hari. Article Media. Always resourceful, Mata Hari became a successful courtesan. Her dalliances with powerful men of the day, from the ranks of politics and the military, allowed her to travel greatly. But her movements attracted attention.

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  • Rare pictures of exotic dancer and "spy" Mata Hari who was executed by French firing squad.
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The woman viewed as a free-spirited bohemian before the war, now looked more like a wanton and suspicious seductress. She was also in an intense relationship with a year-old Russian pilot — Captain Vadim Maslov, serving with the French. In , after Maslov had been shot down and grievously injured, Gretha visited him in hospital. The French believed Mata Hari could seduce him for military secrets, offering her a sizeable sum if she could come up with the goods. The contact who set this up was Captain Georges Ladoux.

He would later emerge as one of her principal accusers. She fed Kalle odd bits of gossip, hoping for information in exchange.

Mata Hari: the spy who wasn't really a spy

On her return journey, her steamer called at Falmouth. She was arrested and interrogated at the Savoy Hotel, where she admitted working for the French intelligence service.

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  2. After her death, her name became synonymous with spying and espionage.
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  7. In January , Major Kalle transmitted easily decodable radio messages to Berlin, detailing the assistance of a German spy, codenamed H As planned, these were intercepted by the French who identified Mata Hari to be H On 13 February , following her return to Paris, she was arrested in her hotel room and thrown in a rat-infested cell at the Prison Saint-Lazare, allowed only to see only her elderly lawyer, Edouard Clunet. She was put on trial on 24 July, accused of spying for Germany and causing the deaths of thousands of soldiers. Then Mata Hari dropped a bombshell confession.

    She revealed that she had accepted 20, francs from a German to spy on France, but had only offered trivial, inconsequential information as her adopted country of France was the recipient of her loyalty.

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    A spy, never! But when she admitted that a German officer paid her for sexual favours, it was interpreted as espionage money. Throughout this story there is the diligent and persistent Dubois Mr. Gordon , who is certain from the very beginning that Mata Hari is in Paris for no good purpose and that her affairs with officers are chiefly to gain information on French military moves for the enemy. The Russian scoffs at the idea and when Mata Hari arrives she is not dismayed when she is told why Dubois is there.

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    Even after she has been convicted and is sentenced to face a firing squad, he, blinded through an accident caused by her treachery, believes when he goes to the prison that he is calling upon her in a sanitarium. Novarro is capital as the impetuous flier.

    Lewis Stone is quite good as Andriani, who thinks little of having one of his agents put to death so as to prevent them disclosing secrets, the revelation of which would make Paris too hot for him. The stage contribution is called "Frolicks of Dancer and Spy. At the Capitol Theatre. Mata Hari.

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    3. Rare pictures of exotic dancer and "spy" Mata Hari who was executed by French firing squad.
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