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Over this is a crown and below are the letters "M.

On two flags is the date , and on the third the date On one side of the monogram there is a palm branch, and on the other a laurel branch, embroidered in what is now pale green silk. The monogram and crown are partly in silk and partly in bullion. Attached to one of the flags is a narrow ribbon of black and silver, with a tassel.

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The spearheads are quite orna- mental, and contain an openwork monogram, "C. The "C. It is, however, puzzling to know what became of the other trophies captured from the Germans. I have made very extensive inquiries on the subject and have been unable to obtain any information at all. They seem simply to have dis- appeared, but no doubt some exist in private hands or possibly in some historical society, and have been forgotten. The United States Government does not know of any except those existing at West Point, and I have not found any historical society which has been able to trace any Ansbach-Bayreuth flags or any Hessian flags, other than those at Philadelphia.

The existence of the latter had been pretty well forgotten, when Mr. Jordan showed them to me a year ago. According to paragraph 11 of its constitution and principles the "National German American Alliance of the United States of Amer- ica" recommends a systematic investigation of the share Germans have had in the development of their adopted country, in war and in peace, in all kinds of German American activity, from the earliest days, as the basis for the founding and continuance of a German 'American history.

What has the "National German American Alliance" as such done so far in this direction? This question should by all means be discussed at the convention now in session. I take the liberty on this occasion to inform the delegates and all others interested in the subject about the following. In addition to my regular work in the library, I have exerted myself for many years to build up a large German American collection for the "New York Public Library.

As no special fund is at our disposal yet to buy everything in this field, many of my recommendations for purchase could not be considered. For this reason the growth of the collection appeared too slow to me. So I began in October, , to solicit donations of books, pamphlets and other material for the collection, by way of correspondence. This attempt proved to be very auspicious, as I could report in an article published in the "New Yorker Staats- Zeitung" of April 10, , the receipt of volumes and pamphlets from 15 States, between November, , and February, Now I pressed vigorously forward in this path.

The steadily growing work and correspondence compelled me to give up all my own time, often at the sacrifice of hours of sleep, to this labor of love. October 3, , I sent a latter to the third convention of the "National German American Alliance" in Indianapolis, explaining the scope of the collection, the progress made so far, also asking for the official support of our aims and efforts. The letter was read before the convention, then it was published in the "New Yorker Staats-Zeitung" October 9.

By mistake it was omitted from the printed minutes of the convention, published in "German American Annals," November, , but appeared in the December issue. March 11, , the "New Yorker Staats-Zeitung" printed an abridgment of my report on the progress of the collection during the years It was published in full in "German American Annals," May, , pp.

As this report is of far-reaching interest to German American research, many German papers printed it verbatim or gave extracts with editorial comments. At that time the collection amounted to over 20CX titles. During the two years about works, including some rarities, had been purchased.

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By gift volumes and pamphlets from donors in iii cities, dis- tributed over 31 States of the Union, had been received. The report contains also a list of about names of German American authors of belles lettres, represented in the collection. Since then the works of more than 40 such authors have been acquired. After January i, , a new report upon the growth of the col- lection and its use for the time will be issued.

Manual Erben Sterben Schnell (Eric Ward) (German Edition)

For the present we can say only that the results surpass those of The foremost benefactor has been the Rev. He has donated over vohimes and pamphlets between May, , and June, Of great importance is also the gift of 40 volumes of a New York weekly, entitled "Belletristisches Journal," established in , from the present publisher. The series has almost been completed from other sources. Henry Feld- mann, of New York, presented the rare vols. I repeat what I stated already in my letter to the convention in Indianapolis : "The advantages to German American research offered by a special collection in a large public library are so important and evident, that our efforts not only deserve, but that we may reasonably lay claim to the support of all German Americans.

The "National German American Alliance" could facilitate and hasten our arduous work by the passing of resolutions, wherein the local federations of societies are requested to collect material in their respective districts and to send the same, if possible, collectively, to our address.

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German American Newspapers and Periodicals. All publishers and editors are respectfully requested to send us their publications regularly. Complete volumes are bound and care- fully preserved for the purpose of research.

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Volumes of past years are especially desired. As it is practically impossible to obtain com- plete files of all German newspapers ever published in this country, I have determined to find out the existence of files in the libraries of other cities and in private possession. The result will be published later, whereby a great service will be done to historical research. How often it has happened, that old newspaper volumes have been sold for a few cents as waste paper, or been destroyed outright!

Let us rescue therefore all we can. Due acknowledgement will be given to all who assist in this important piece of work. The new grand structure of our library at Fifth avenue, between Fortieth and Forty-second streets, will be the largest library building in the world. There will be plenty of room for German American material.

German American Bibliography. At present it embraces over 10, titles, including contri- butions to periodicals and the publications of historical societies. For the sake of accuracy every conscientious bibliographer makes it a point to see all material himself. My plan is to include also the titles of books which are not yet in the possession of the "New York Public Library. In I sacrificed three weeks of my vacation for the pur- pose of research at the "Library of Congress" in Washington, in a shorter time at libraries in Philadelphia.

Economy of time and expenditure out of my own pocket make it prudent to postpone the publication of my bibliography until after the books in the Astor and Lenox Libraries have been united in the new building, which present-day prophets say will take place in about two to three years.

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The great mass of our German Americans has little comprehension of the gigantic task of such a bibliographical undertaking. I am well aware of the difficulties of the work, but I must necessarily finish it alone to insure uniformity. As a member of the "American His- torical Association" and the "Bibliographical Society of America" I am in touch with competent persons and reach at the same time those circles, whose interest should be won for German American his- torical research.

Our dear fellow-citizens of German origin may be assured, that much more is effected by our collection, than by the senseless asser- tions of certain "speakers," who vehemently try to impress their hearers on every occasion, that American historians willfully ignore the merits of the German element. The principal thing is to gather the source material and to make it available for systematic scientific research. The whole apparatus is already in our library.

Richard E. Helbig, Lenox Library Building, 5th Ave. Emil Mannhardt, secretary of the committee, reads the follow- ing report, upon which verbal elucidations are made by Dr. Kern and Prof. Goebel : The committee on historical research was organized by electing Dr.

Kern as chairman and E. Mannhardt as secretary. The follow- ing recommendations were agreed upon : Each delegate to the convention shall make it 1 is duty to aim at the formation of historical societies in each county, city and smaller locality, who shall take up research into the German element in their respective districts. The following facts should be ascertained : Names of the first German settlers and dates of their arrival ; the share Germans and their descendants have in the holding of real estate and the paying of taxes, also their percentage to the total pop- ulation ; the part Germans have born in the agricultural, industrial and commercial development of the various localities ; their services in the wars of the United States ; number and strength of German religious congregations ; number of pupils in German schools ; num- ber and membership of German societies, including dates of organi- zation and time of duration of their existence.

Doch Axel hat sich der Polizei zu entziehen verstanden. Verfasser des letzteren Film-Manuskriptes ist Fritz Lang. Hamlet is a girl! In this non-Shakespearean adaptation of the Hamlet story, Asta Nielsen stars in the leading part as Prince Hamlet, "a Sarah Bernhard of film", as one contemporary critic wrote, "so boyish that in the meantime one forgot that he was supposed to be a girl.

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Hamlet Einer der Filme, von denen am meisten gesprochen worden ist und denen man deshalb mit einer gewissen Spannung entgegensieht. Hamlet -- ein Weib? Heinz Stieda als Freund Hamlets in frischer Lebendigkeit. Die ausgezeichneten Bauten schuf S.