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Jesus Beyond Christianity: The Classic Texts - PDF Free Download

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Barker , Stephen E. Gregg Paperback February 22, Prices and offers may vary in store. For the first time classic readings on Jesus from outside of Christianity have been brought together in one volume. The fifty-six selections span two millennia ofthought, including translated extracts from the Talmud and the Qur'an, and writings by Mahatma Gandhi and the 14th Dalai Lama.

New Jersey: Paulist Press. Journal of the American Academy of Religion. March Journal of Biblical Literature. The historical Jesus: a comprehensive guide.

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Fortress Press. Western Folklore.

"The Jesus Movement"

January Retrieved February 15, Description Reviews. Out of Print A groundbreaking examination of the way Muslim thinkers have approached and responded to Jesus through the centuries Prophet or messiah, the figure of Jesus serves as both the bridge and the barrier between Christianity and Islam. In this accessible and thoughtful book, Muslim scholar and popular commentator Mona Siddiqui takes her reader on a personal, theological journey exploring the centrality of Jesus in Christian-Muslim relations.

Christian and Muslim scholars have used Jesus and Christological themes for polemical and dialogical conversations from the earliest days to modern times. The author concludes with her own reflections on the cross and its possible meaning in her Muslim faith. Through a careful analysis of selected works by major Christian and Muslim theologians during the formative, medieval, and modern periods of both religions, Siddiqui focuses on themes including revelation, prophecy, salvation, redemption, sin, eschatology, law, and love. How did some doctrines become the defining characteristics of one faith and not the other?

What is the nature of the theological chasm between Christianity and Islam?


With a nuanced and carefully considered analysis of critical doctrines the author provides a refreshingly honest counterpoint to contemporary polemical arguments and makes a compelling contribution to reasoned interfaith conversation. She lives in Glasgow. This splendid work makes clear that mutual understanding requires empathy and courage to move beyond formulaic positions.

Any serious theology today has to be interreligious.

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross (Hymn Charts with Lyrics, Contemporary)

This book reveals profound learning, but it also shows that searching for dialogue is a great adventure that can become a transformative 'personal and spiritual journey'.