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Beneath the Clash of Religions. Taken off-guard by the malaise of adolescents, secular morality seems incapable of satisfying their ideality disorder. What is to be done when faced with this intense return of the need to believe and of the religious that is now being observed everywhere, all over the world? The resurgence of young politically engaged Catholics against marriage equality surprised many. We have to make a distinction. Yes, there is, on the one hand, an evil that results from the clash of values, themselves resulting from divergent or concurrent libidinal interests, and that underlie our concepts of good and evil elaborated in diverse moral codes, themselves historically formed in various cultural arenas.

Religious Man and moral Man are constituted by these codes: more or less guilty and revolted, men live them, worry about them and hope to elucidate them in order to eventually understand one another instead of killing one another. These borderline states are not confined to hospitals nor to the couch, but unfold in sociopolitical catastrophes: such was the abjection of the extermination of the Holocaust, a horror that defies reason.

New forms of extreme evil are spreading today in the globalized world, in stride with ideality disorder. Literature and the mystical would accept this to be the case. In the intimacy of transference-counter-transference, it seeks to refine the interpretation of this potential malignance of the psychical apparatus that reveals itself in ideality disorder.

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Psychoanalysis has the cruel advantage of revealing and interpreting this potential malignance of our psyches that explodes in some socio-historical conditions. The Shrink Reinvented. Souad was hospitalized for serious anorexia: cold mortified passion, fits of bulimia and draining spells of vomiting. Unbinding was underway.

This slow suicide addressed to her family and to the world had abolished time before metamorphosing into radicalization. Ripped jeans and an oversized pullover had disappeared underneath a burqa. They refined the empathetic diversity of their team: they involved her in plural and disseminated identifications, as though in a blended family, a reparative community. Maximal proximity with frustrated, humiliated, and mortified affects, sensations and excitations.

Putting breakdown [ effondrement ] [8] into words to treat this person clinging to barbarity in order to not fall to pieces but to enjoy to death.


Reconnected to the French language, taming through language the drives and sensations of suffering, finding the words to make them exist, to unmake and remake, to share them: language, literature, poetry, theater filled the lack of meaning and undid the nihilism. Souad is not there yet. She has just put her jeans back on.

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It will be a long journey. But how many young girls will not have the opportunity, like Souad, to be recognized, heard and supported?

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Viral war , because it operates, invisible and invasive, with formations as ancient and resistant if not more so , as inherent and destructive of humanity as a virus is to our cells: viral war operates with the death drive and radical evil, which cohabitate with our living organisms and our psychical identities, and which, in certain circumstances, destroy their hosts and spread malignance across the world. An Historical Challenge. The French Republic finds before itself a historical challenge: is it capable of taking on this crisis that the lid of religion can no longer hold, and which touches the foundation of the bonds between humans?

Is it capable of detecting and preventing radicalization?

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  • The anguish that freezes countries in times of carnage, upon the foundation of this economic and social crisis, expresses our uncertainty before such colossal stakes. It is perpetual motion. It is not enough to bomb Daesh, to lock up jihadists, or to promise, indeed to find work for the young and unemployed in our neighborhoods. It is urgent to organize, with parents, beginning at the youngest age, an attentive follow-up of weaknesses in the eventual prey of God-crazy people, who keep a low profile, often unnoticed, in the social margins or in latent pathologies.

    It is more urgent still to forge and to share new civic ideals attractive to young people seen and experienced as a resource, and no longer as a danger.

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    Qualities like generosity, creativity and engagement would be able to flourish in occupations for social, educational, cultural and humanitarian vocations: NGOs, cooperation institutions, mutual aid, etc. Reviews Review Policy. The new winter version is now available. New design, new enhanced features : weather, webcams, lift status, directory. Enjoy your holidays at your favourite ski resort!!! View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Greetings from Krka.

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