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How did we arrive at the point where such desperate measures were necessary? Meeting Sudan in Czechia changed the trajectory of my life.

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Rather, I tell stories about nature, and in so doing, I tell stories about our home, our future, and the interdependence of all life. Nine years after the airlift, I received a call to hurry to Kenya. At 45, Sudan was elderly for his species. He had lived a long life, but now he was dying.

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In his last years he experienced again his native grasslands, although always in the company of armed guards to keep him safe from poachers. When I arrived, he was surrounded by the people who had loved him and protected him. Joseph Wachira, the man pictured with Sudan on the previous page and one of his dedicated keepers, went to give him one more rub behind his ear. I took a photo of two old friends together for the last time.

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These keepers spend more time protecting the northern white rhinos than they do with their own children. Watching a creature die—one who is the last of its kind—is something I hope never to experience again. It felt like watching our own demise. The northern white rhinos may not survive human greed, yet there is a tiny sliver of hope.

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Today only two females are left in the world, but plans are in place to try in vitro fertilization to breed them. This is not just a story to me.

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  • We are witnessing extinction right now, on our watch. Poaching is not slowing down. Removal of a keystone species has a huge effect on the ecosystem and on all of us. These giants are part of a complex world created over millions of years, and their survival is intertwined with our own. Without rhinos and elephants and other wildlife, we suffer a loss of imagination, a loss of wonder, a loss of beautiful possibilities.

    When we see ourselves as part of nature, we understand that saving nature is really about saving ourselves. Animals Vanishing.

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    The rhino and the people who tried to save his species taught one photographer indelible lessons. Read Caption. Joseph Wachira, a keeper at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, says goodbye to Sudan, the last male northern white rhinoceros. Sudan died in Two females of the subspecies remain.

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    Hunting at dawn and dusk, they work as a team and can bring down much larger animals, including antelope and wildebeest. No two dogs have the same markings and colorations, making it easy for conservationists to identify individuals. Fact 9: Wild dogs can run more than 44 miles per hour and roam across large areas of more than square miles. They stick closer to their dens when caring for a litter of pups.

    source site Wild dogs can run more than 44 miles per hour. Fact WWF is working to protect the wild dog by preserving wildlife corridors between reserves and reducing conflicts with locals. Twitter - Facebook. They are a different species of dog and most offspring that are from 2 species of animals are infertile meaning they cant produce fertile offspring.

    It is possible for them to breed but its not possible for their offspring to produce offspring. I hope this makes sense….

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    Enjoyed most of the videos of all the different types of animals. Did not enjoy watching stupid people catching sharks for fun. They could find other ways of spending their time. I hated to watch the video. I worried that the shark could have been harmed. If people were all vegan this killing of livestock would not be an issue. These dogs could live. Ranches are always causing violence in our society. I just returned from the Nat. Hab Secluded Botswana trip. With Richard as our guide for the day we spotted a pack of the beautiful wild dogs running at full speed and were able to track them to their resting place and the den that had been chosen for the pups.

    Thank you Richard for your devotion, knowledge, and love of the beautiful wild dog of Africa. Click here to cancel reply. All rights reserved.