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Unfortunately, there are those who earn even more money yet spend substantially more than they bring in each month.

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Our present way of life today has morphed what was done tentatively by our grandparents — borrowing money — into a daily norm. We borrow money for our cars or motorcycles. We take out mortgages on our homes. We charge our credit cards for our fuel, groceries, meals, clothes, transportation, holidays and gifts. The allure is obvious.

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By doing so, we get to live large. If this situation continues unabated, we will labour our entire lives repaying loans and servicing interest, yet have little to show for decades of toil, which is akin to indentured servitude or, taken to the extreme, economic slavery. What we must recognise, though, is that such chains of slavery are forged one strong link at a time by our consumption choices. Aim to race away from economic servitude or, worse, slavery. Aspire towards the Promised Land of sizeable business and investment asset ownership.

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    Share this story. By Rajen Devadason - June 25, pm.

    There are more conventional slaves across the world than there are Malaysians! A balancing act Of course, all such assessments are subjective. When that occurs, there are only two ways to balance the cash flow of life: 1.

    Slavery Today

    Sell existing assets to make up the shortfall; or 2. Borrow money. Human trafficking, bonded labour and forced domestic work are just a few examples of forced labour. A coordinated effort by governments and activists around the world could end forced labour for good. More than 40 million people around the world were victims of modern slavery in , including about 25 million in forced labour, and 15 million in forced marriages.

    If they all lived together in a single city, it would be one of the biggest cities in the world. FACT: Most of the people in slavery work in industries such as agriculture, fishing construction, manufacturing, mining, utilities and domestic work.

    Ray Goren's- "Slaves To The Money" -Rock Bands of L.A.

    Around one in five are victims of sexual exploitation. FACT: Forced labour affects everyone. Businesses, for example, face unfair competition from unscrupulous companies who reap the profits of forced labour.

    Blues Company - Slaves To The Money

    That may put pressure on them to lower wages or cut benefits. Meanwhile governments lose out on precious tax revenue while facing huge legal costs from prosecuting forced labour cases-money which could be spent on public services like education, healthcare or public transportation.

    MYTH: Most of the money from forced labour is made in the developing world FACT: The annual profits per victim of forced labour are far, far higher in developed economies and the European Union than they are anywhere else in the world. FACT: You can play a part in the fight to end slavery.