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Is All Souls' Day a Public Holiday?
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Today Tomorrow. Events Today Tomorrow. The New Souls. The New Souls Canoe Brewpub. Featured Events. The Urn is a receptacle for our mementos, prayers, messages, and remembrances of those we have loved and lost. They are there to silently receive your messages and remembrances and place them in the Urn for you. At the culmination of the Finale, the Urn is burned, and our collective hopes, prayers, love, grief, memories, tributes, and remembrances are consumed by the flames and dissolve into the ether. If you are not able to get your message to the Urn during the Procession, there will be Urn Ambassadors at the barricades surrounding the Finale stage during the prep time between the Procession and the Finale.

You can pass your message forward to them and they will make sure it gets into the Urn.

The Urn Attendants need to be able to get to all the people along the street to collect their messages and remembrances. Remember that whatever you place in the Urn needs to be safe to burn. Paper is great.

Welcome to All Souls

Plastics are not. There are multiple ways to memorialize our dead throughout the Procession: remembrances placed in the Urn , photographs we carry through the street, elaborate or simple art projects that hold deep personal significance. And every year, we project photographs of the beloved dead onto buildings and the stage at the Finale Ceremony site.

Mister Good Times

Ushers will have a sign for the Domo entrance. If your puppet or float is over 10 feet tall, you will need to keep to the back left side of the stage as you walk across.

Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure - All Secrets, All Children Found (Flash RPG Game)

Otherwise you may get tangled in the aerial guide wires, and that would be bad! We will all mourn or be mourned by everyone we love. Remember the deep human connection that is at the heart of the Procession and act from that place. And, if you have a bit of time before the Procession, we are volunteer-run, volunteer-staffed. A bunch of unpaid people who believe deeply in what the Procession is about.

Not Prepared to Donate?

So we definitely need you! Please fill out our volunteer application to be added to our volunteer mailing list and kept up-to-date on opportunities to join our crews. You can also get involved in one of the many events and projects that lead up to and support the All Souls Procession. Yes, we have accessible seating near the Finale stage. Please view our route map for more information. The Procession is a non-commercial event and we do not have vendors aside from our own t-shirts and merchandise that help pay for the Procession.

The Mercado Distirct has a very limited number of vendors—primarily food vendors—near the Finale site.

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The origins of the Procession are in the arts community of Tucson. For many years, the Procession was created by the community of performance artists and painters and sculptors of Tucson as a way to honor the dead. The masks and costumes and rituals and objects that they created had little to nothing to do with Dia de los Muertos. As the Procession grew, more people came from different communities. Some of them kept making up new traditions. Others brought their traditions with them—whether those are drawn from Dia de los Muertos, Japanese Obon, Samhain, traditional Aztec ceremonies, or any other tradition.

Dia de los Muertos is its own holiday with its own traditions, which we respect deeply. People are welcome to bring those traditions to the Procession, and many do, but the Procession is not—and never has been—trying to be an exclusively Dia de los Muertos event. The Procession is free to attend, but far from free to organize! Past investments have included a tower for the Urn to be placed on as it burns, thereby increasing safety and visibility; a rigging for the aerialists to perform on, increasing safety; and a new Urn, increasing safety and creating a beautiful work of art.

The Finale Ceremony is always free—though it is not free to produce! Donations to support this community-grown event are always appreciated. Most of the funding for the Procession comes from individual and small business donors. In other words, people like you. It truly is a community-owned event. While we are working toward a time when we have money in the bank year-round, right now we operate hand-to-mouth.

All Souls, Langham Place : All Souls site

The Procession has proven too popular and has grown too quickly for us to keep up with the funding needs. We are getting closer and closer to getting ahead, however! Please donate whatever you can to help support the Procession. We depend on the support of people like you! Many Mouths One Stomach is the c 3 non-profit arts collective that is the parent organization of the All Souls Procession.

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Our intent is to create, inspire, manifest, and perpetuate modern festal culture: the expression and fulfillment of core human needs through public celebration, ceremony, and ritual. The All Souls Procession is a volunteer-run and donation-funded event. The non-profit parent organization, Many Mouths One Stomach , is staffed almost exclusively by volunteers.

Almost all of the ushers, performers, technical staff, artists, workshop leaders, and behind-the-scenes workers who make the Procession happen are volunteers. In other words, people just like you who have stepped up to help make this event happen for our community. The Procession does not happen without the community. If you put something in the Urn to burn at the end, if you walk with us pushing a rolling altar, if you drop money in the donation boxes, if you volunteer for a season helping construct an art project, teaching a workshop or helping us clean up….

Confessions 4:00-5:00 pm

We feel strongly that the Procession should remain of and by the community. While a large corporate sponsor might alleviate many of our financial concerns, that funding is likely to come with requirements and obligations we are reluctant to take on. All Souls groupies will be happy to hear she is now pages into a book about Matthew grappling with the forces of religious radicalism in 16th-century Europe.

A deep dive into the history of witchcraft is also in the works. Harkness is descended from a witch — or at least a woman hanged in Salem for allegedly practicing witchcraft. The supernatural seized her imagination at a young age. There were family picnics at battlefields, tours of historic houses. When she was 8, her father, the manager of a paint store, and her mother, who worked as a secretary, took Harkness and her younger brother on a trip to England — sparking a lifelong interest in Elizabethan history.

She went to college at Mount Holyoke, where she designed her own major, in Renaissance Studies. Her adviser, convinced she was a natural storyteller on the strength of a one-page writing exercise, suggested she try her hand at fiction. Instead she went on to get her doctorate at the University of California, Davis, spending a year at Oxford on a Fulbright scholarship and writing her dissertation on John Dee, the alchemist and mathematician who served as the astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. In the couple moved from Davis to Los Angeles to take jobs at U. One of the things about natural storytellers is that they can tell a tale over and over and it never gets old.