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  2. Documenting Love: Braden & Stacy's Story
  3. Stacy's Sarcoma Story- Sarcoma Cancer Awareness

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It's a community of people and a school of kids. Located 30 min from the Chicago city lines. Most of the time the only sanity there is from the chaos is at the town library.

Stacy, 2015

I am what you would call a goth nerd. I keep to myself and i'm always wearing black. I have one best friend who is mostly opposite of me.

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But her and I have grown up together. Almost like sisters. Shes smart and outgoing, she's had the perfect life, perfect family, something I've always been Jealous about. She has stood by me no matter what life has brought me. Until it brought me this Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium.

Documenting Love: Braden & Stacy's Story

I immediately noticed a change in digestion and my skin. In one week it felt like my detox organs were working better and I looked about 7 years younger. After a few weeks I started to notice that I was less distracted and my ability to focus improved. Perhaps the most profound change came after about 6 weeks when I started noticing sensations that had previously become numbed out start to reactivate.

This reawakening happened not only in the physical realm but also emotionally. It was as if the Nadovim improved my brain signaling which allowed emotions that got stuck in the nervous system during childhood development to be released.

Stacy's Sarcoma Story- Sarcoma Cancer Awareness

Guess what? She's a real, live human named Stacy Madison--and she says the secret to her success is that she "loves to eat.

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Madison doesn't often talk publicly about her story, but she and I recently were able to chat. Madison's career began as a social worker at a home for pregnant women with drug addiction issues. Promised a bonus after months of hard work, she was instead fired to avoid compensation.

Stacy lost her dad in the store on Halloween

Coming home from Hawaii in , Madison and her business partner Mark Andrus wanted to get into the restaurant business. Not a truck, people--this was a cart like you see selling hot dogs in New York City.