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This Town.

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Catalog Record: Poor plutocrats | HathiTrust Digital Library

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The Poor Plutocrats

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The Party Is Over. Mike Lofgren. It was a blank cheque. That dense fog remains to this day. There is no vesting, and it can be shut down any time a bill doing it, can become law. The wealth the fund represented, was used to kill people in politically incorrect nations, and to buy the citizens votes, with their own money. Social Security is about as much like a pension, as handing your cash over to the neighborhood crackhead, to hold for you.

There is now more currency not money going out of the program, than coming in. Stand by for even more outrageous ways to deny citizens their promised benefits. Apparently, retirees do not have to buy food, and energy to live their lives, so those prices are left out in the calculation, of the yearly inflation adjustment to payments. In short, everyone, paying into, or taking out of SS is getting screwed in one, or more ways. Any questions? In the kleptocracy, that is rule by those who control the issuance of money, once they know that people will submit to be killed, they will have the measure of the people they rule.

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The Poor Plutocrats by Mór Jókai - Free eBook

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